Whenever you visit an art gallery…

I mean no disrespect when I visit art galleries. Sometimes, I will stand there is awe of the beautiful creation. Other times, I will stand there thinking is that really art? Why would someone create this?

My wonderful place of employment organized an art exhibition tour. Now, this is really a different and refreshing change from the boozed up functions we normally have, and really gives people the opportunity, to be more open minded and lavish in timeless pieces of history.

This tour was special because we had a tour guide to really delve into the specifics of time periods, the change in how art evolved and what the artists were trying to capture in that point in time. We went on the Picasso to Warhol tour in Perth.

Some pics I captured:

Sorry for the mediocre pictures. They are taken from my iPhone. If you’re second guessing if that was a penis you saw. It definitely is.

So, are you like me in that when you look at this:

you think, “I can paint that?”

I swear, every painting I was saying to my boyfriend, “I reckon I can do that”. Bear in mind, I do not possess artistic flair in the slightest, and yet I believe, I can conquer painting a magnificently constructed piece of artwork. Now I’m wondering, maybe I should set myself a challenge and see if I could actually do this.

When I look at art, I think about what I like – good use of colour, the detail and what I think the painting represents. Ask me about brush strokes, the genre, what the artist is actually saying, the defining period and at that point you’ve lost me and I could probably make up some fluff to fool you that I am a passionate art lover.

What I often think about is how much do people pay for these pieces? and also how do artists live if you don’t have a steady income? Do artists only make the most money after they die?

What really struck me as odd is Andy Warhol’s soup collection. Why would someone pay $11 million for Andy’s small torn Campbell soup can painting. Yes, his work was pop art and a statement about consumerism but I can buy you a can of soup for $2, tear the label, paint you the picture of the can of soup with the torn piece of branding and would I get $11 million? This astounds me beyond words that 1) people would pay that money and 2) people are fascinated by a painting of a torn soup labelled soup can. Did anyone stop to think maybe one day all he wanted to do was silkscreen the soup can for testing purposes because that’s all it was… a soup can on a canvas with no meaning? $11 million….. Maybe we should all quit our day jobs.






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