Why I’m in Love with Far East Movement

I have been listening to Far East Movement’s latest album and want to express why I love them so! I think every time they release a new album, I grow fonder by the minute!

Here are some reasons why I love them:

1/ They’re Asian!! Yeah Boi!!

2/ They wear sunglasses most, if not all of the time. They make wearing shades in clubs seem normal, if not gangsta cool.

3/ They make dirty bass! I only assume you need to get “dirty” when the bass is pumping. That’s what it means right?!?

4/ They included the hottest, boyish teenager on the planet into their music, and only makes us not so younger women think bad thoughts about a boy, who hasn’t reached full manhood.

Well maybe not in that picture πŸ˜›

5/ Long haired Asian men – need I say more?

6/ Who knew anyone singing a song about Jello would make sense?

7/ One of them is my brother…. True Story… I told it to a friend of a friend of mine…

8/ They make vids on Socialcam and interact with fans. Yes, I am addicted to Socialcam… So what you gonna do about it?!?

9/ They give all us other Asians hope… Hope that we can be successful without having top grades.

10/ Did I mention they’re Asian? O_o Needs moar Asians!!

So there you have it. I always support and express the love for my fellow successful, very extended family. If I knew them, I’m sure their mum would instantly become my Aunty.

One can only dream that I can meet them!



What it’s like being a Lopez

For those that do not know me, my surname is Lopez. Say what? That can’t be right? An Asian with the surname Lopez?!

This brings up so many questions for people. So, I thought I would share my life on what it’s like to be a Lopez, to bring to a conclusion to your unanswered questions.

I am in no way, of any shape or form related to Jennifer Lopez, Mario Lopez or George Lopez. This question comes up often. If you take a look at me, I am obviously yellow and they are all obviously Latino. If lil old LiLi was related to any of these famous people, don’t you think I would be mooching off them? I wouldn’t be living in Perth, that’s for sure, and I would be lying next to a pool sipping daiquiris and possibly have a drug problem. I mean seriously, stop asking that question when it’s blatantly obvious.

Still on the Jennifer Lopez subject, when she got the nickname JLO, this caused so much drama for all the Lopez’s of the world. We would be forever branded JLO or people would think it’s ok to take our first initial and make up our own version of the nick. So mine would be L-LO…. O_o Does that really sound good to you? Yes, I’m going to walk around calling myself L-LO. What the? For one, if I were to call myself L-LO people would think I’m a try hard. And two, how does L-LO even remotely sound as cool as JLO? Come on people! Stop nicknaming your friends with really bad versions of JLO – they don’t like it! Smiling and nodding works so well in these situations.

Oh Look it’s JLO being Asian! How Funny!

How does one Asian obtain such a prestigious name like Lopez. Ummm, you marry one – Durr!! Ok, well I didn’t marry one but there is this thing out there called inter-breeding. Mixing races is good. My grandfather was a white man. He was European, an all sort and I can’t remember all the bits he was made up of. All I can remember going over his birth certificate, was that he was part English, Scottish and Portugese. So to simplify things, I just say my grandfather was Portugese, and then I get that “oh!” answer. Is it so hard to believe that Asians have the surname Lopez? I think I’m lucky to have such a cool name because I could have ended up with name like Smith… Boring!

Ok, when I was growing up I got called Slopez. I used to think it was because people thought I was slow. I am slow in catching up on jokes and puns when people tell them, but in this instance it was because they were being racist. It was only after I left school , that I realized they were calling me a “Slope” but effectively integrating this into my name. This is how slow I am…. Now, I still maintain that all kids are annoying c%$ts and it goes to show how mean kids are. Racism is bad people! Don’t be a bastard and teach your kids not to be bastards too! Karma will get you and I hope that every racist person dies in a fire! In case you’re wondering, I am fine now but calling someone Slopez is just not on! Thumbs down!

If I ever get married (9 years and still waiting to be asked), I will not be changing my name. For one, I got it tattooed on my back and two, I think I would lose a part of myself if I lost my name. It’s like a branding and a logo for life. It’s taken me some time to be proud of the person that I am and have become. After 27.75 years on this Earth, I can say that I’m happy to be who I am and proud to be a Lopez. If I ever create a legacy for myself, I would be proud to have this name carried on for lifetimes – granted my kids taking on my name and not my future husbands’ name but you get what I mean!

Hope I’ve given you some insight to the life of a Lopez. Feel free to hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, Socialcam, Pinterest and Instagram for some LiLi fun!


What happened to manners?

Are all Asians rude?


Do you ever notice that when a FOB Asian talks their volume increases? You think to yourself why are you yelling at me? It’s not that they purposely yell, I think to get their point across and to ensure that you are listening, they slowly increase the volume more and more to a aggressive tone that gives you the impression that they are coming off rude. Next time you go to Chinese restaurant, just listen to the hostess and you’ll giggle to yourself to how true it is. She’ll be yelling at her workers or you when you go to pay. You will also find that they think they are right also – no matter how wrong they are, they will yell at you until you agree. In their mind they are talking normally. If you talk to a Westernized Asian, I can assure you this doesn’t happen.

Do you ever notice that when a FOB Asian rushes past you, knocking into you, that they don’t say sorry? Basic manners would make you assume that this is common decency. Ha! This does not happen! Don’t get your hopes up because Basic manners does not exist. My Aussie friend tells me that in Asia because it’s so tightly populated, everyone is in a rush so they have to knock people out of the way in order to get through the crowds. I don’t know how true this is but in Australia, I will be standing in a shop, looking at a dress, then the bitch walks into me not saying sorry. First off – there are no crowds and there is enough space to move around. Secondly, I will gladly move if you say excuse me because I ain’t got no eyes on the back of my head to know that you are behind me. I’m like “WTF man!” most of the time. When I get real mad I will say – don’t you know how to say sorry? Insert blank reaction here, still nothing, then they walk off. Rude bitch, learn to get some manners! It pisses me off as much as you! And, I’m Asian!

Rage face:


So why do Asians stare you ask? It’s because they are judging you. Yes, it’s true – they think they are better than you. My mama always taught me that staring is rude. My own problem is that I will be daydreaming or staring aimlessly into the distance so you take it as I’m staring at you. It’s not that I’m staring at you, it’s because I’m lost in my own little world. When FOBs do it, it’s because they don’t understand what you are doing or just being a plain bitch and judging the way you look. If they start laughing after staring at you, and then proceed to talk amongst themselves in their own language, that’s a signal that something is up. Personally, I think it’s a just plain mean because they do it in front of you because they ain’t got no balls to say it to your face. My advice, just ignore them because if you got confidence, some lil Asian ain’t gonna bring you down.

Maybe it is a cultural thing. Maybe people should learn other countries customs and socially acceptable methods. Yes…. I went there! Assimilation FTW! I can admit to when I’m wrong and can learn new ideals when I am in another country. This comes from my mother teaching me well and ensuring that I don’t offend people because that’s just plain rude. Plus I can’t drag my family name through the mud. My god! Asians and their family name! That’s another topic of discussion for another time!

This video makes me laugh. It’ll tie you over until the next post….