What’s up with Customer Service these days?

Going off topic for just a second… Is it just me or does customer service really suck these days? Yes, I realize everyone has bad days but is everyday a bad day? Really?

This all stems from my recent Christmas expeditions. I found the people were not helpful – you actually had to ask for help and most people really didn’t look happy at working their jobs or they were really rude.

Personally I don’t give a rat’s ass if you don’t like your job, I EXPECT YOU.. YES YOU! to give me the best god damn service there is! Now I work for a company that actually pushes to provide the best customer service – whatever the “best” can be and even when I get that angry customer, I can still pull it together to give the customer the service that surpasses any other. I treat every person the way I would want to be treated and have made my personal agenda to not be rude to those working in customer service.

Is it because all these retail stores hire kids because it’s cheap? They really have no idea what they are doing and these companies are better off hiring monkeys to do their jobs. At least monkeys would be more friendly and funny.

Besides the fact it is Christmas, I find this happens all the time. Do you ever have this problem? The best service I have had is from my mobile phone company and my local petrol station because somehow the attendant remembers who I am every single time and asks how I am. I believe if I had some friendly instore sales people, it would make my shopping more enjoyable. Sometimes I feel angry and frustrated because the simplest of tasks in customer service are not met and then I feel like this when I get no assistance and you’d rather tell the girl next to you about how drunk you got last night:-

Seriously, if you want me to spend my money in your store, give me some awesome service and pay attention! It’s not that hard.. .Geez… Otherwise you just lost your customer because you were stupid enough to ignore me /end rant.