What happened to manners?

Are all Asians rude?


Do you ever notice that when a FOB Asian talks their volume increases? You think to yourself why are you yelling at me? It’s not that they purposely yell, I think to get their point across and to ensure that you are listening, they slowly increase the volume more and more to a aggressive tone that gives you the impression that they are coming off rude. Next time you go to Chinese restaurant, just listen to the hostess and you’ll giggle to yourself to how true it is. She’ll be yelling at her workers or you when you go to pay. You will also find that they think they are right also – no matter how wrong they are, they will yell at you until you agree. In their mind they are talking normally. If you talk to a Westernized Asian, I can assure you this doesn’t happen.

Do you ever notice that when a FOB Asian rushes past you, knocking into you, that they don’t say sorry? Basic manners would make you assume that this is common decency. Ha! This does not happen! Don’t get your hopes up because Basic manners does not exist. My Aussie friend tells me that in Asia because it’s so tightly populated, everyone is in a rush so they have to knock people out of the way in order to get through the crowds. I don’t know how true this is but in Australia, I will be standing in a shop, looking at a dress, then the bitch walks into me not saying sorry. First off – there are no crowds and there is enough space to move around. Secondly, I will gladly move if you say excuse me because I ain’t got no eyes on the back of my head to know that you are behind me. I’m like “WTF man!” most of the time. When I get real mad I will say – don’t you know how to say sorry? Insert blank reaction here, still nothing, then they walk off. Rude bitch, learn to get some manners! It pisses me off as much as you! And, I’m Asian!

Rage face:


So why do Asians stare you ask? It’s because they are judging you. Yes, it’s true – they think they are better than you. My mama always taught me that staring is rude. My own problem is that I will be daydreaming or staring aimlessly into the distance so you take it as I’m staring at you. It’s not that I’m staring at you, it’s because I’m lost in my own little world. When FOBs do it, it’s because they don’t understand what you are doing or just being a plain bitch and judging the way you look. If they start laughing after staring at you, and then proceed to talk amongst themselves in their own language, that’s a signal that something is up. Personally, I think it’s a just plain mean because they do it in front of you because they ain’t got no balls to say it to your face. My advice, just ignore them because if you got confidence, some lil Asian ain’t gonna bring you down.

Maybe it is a cultural thing. Maybe people should learn other countries customs and socially acceptable methods. Yes…. I went there! Assimilation FTW! I can admit to when I’m wrong and can learn new ideals when I am in another country. This comes from my mother teaching me well and ensuring that I don’t offend people because that’s just plain rude. Plus I can’t drag my family name through the mud. My god! Asians and their family name! That’s another topic of discussion for another time!

This video makes me laugh. It’ll tie you over until the next post….



Spreading the Asian Love

So, my work mate posted this on his Facebook wall and I was so delighted by this video.

She melts my heart. She’s so cute and sweet, plus she plays the ukulele!

I want to share this video around because I believe her voice is beautiful and she does an amazing job!

Gotta spread the Asian Love!


My weekend at Margs

I haven’t been on for awhile as I have spent my time preparing for my trip down south for the weekend. I have spent my time with some close friends and had an amazing time even in our short stay in Margaret River in Western Australia.

I woke up to this view every morning.
I have to say, it is pretty spectacular. It is far more breathtaking in real life. You can really appreciate mother nature when she displays such beauty.


Now, I hate camping so us 15 comrades spent our time crammed in 1 house with 1 toilet and bathroom. The thought of not being able to cleanse myself scares me, so I was thankful we were in a little cottage.

I spent a significant amount of time wine tasting and spent most of my money on relishes, jams, chocolate, wine and fudge. When you come to Margs you have to do these glorious things in order to appreciate what it has to offer: go wine tasting, visit the fudge factory, do a wine tour, visit the chocolate factory, see the baby animal farm, do more wine tasting, go to the beaches, check out the caved, visit the venison farm and go bush bashing.

This post is more for the appreciation of life, it’s beauty and the wonderful time you can spend with friends.

Here are some snaps of my adventure.

Redgate winery:




Some birds from eagle heritage:




Voyager Estate Winery:






Sunflowers farm:






Spectacular scenery:




So if you ever want to get away, relax and enjoy good company, definitely head down and bask in the beauty of life. I managed to cram a lot in 2 days and took happy snaps whenever I could. It’s these precious moments that we need to capture and store in our pockets forever.

LiLi signing out…