Why Women Are Moody… Or Happily Aggressive

Everyone knows at least one woman in their life. You often wonder why she is moody.

Well there are a few reasons why we are the way that we are. I am here to try and answer your curiosity.

1. Every month we get a visitor, that let’s face it – it is nothing but a nuisance. For those that do not know, this is often accompanied with pain and copious amounts of that. This pain occurs in the breasts, stabbing back pain, headaches, sore legs and my favourite the feeling of being punched in the uterus. Now, you would think this is an obvious given as to why we are moody but sometimes your loved ones just don’t understand. And by loved ones, I mean your boyfriend/husband/lover/casual bestie etc etc – the ones you take it out on. They are often oblivious to this fact and this pic sums it up nicely:

Now do you understand? My suggestion: Download the period diary app that allows you to know when it’s coming.

2. I don’t think I need to elaborate further to the following:

We don’t like idiotic questions…. Plain and simple.

3. So your wifey will clean the house, vacuuming away, sweeping, mopping, getting the washing done and looking after the animals like a nice lady that she is. Please don’t add this shirt to the mix:

If you want to get your ass kicked go right ahead. Be subtle or simply starve. The choice is yours.

4. Now when your girly is watching her favourite episode of Downton Abbey, why would you want to interrupt? Your pressing matter is not that pressing at all. Be a man and try and solve your problem yourself. If she’s got her candy treats, her mud mask facial and nail painting on, this is a no go zone. Stop!! Before you take another step, think about what you are walking into and the disaster that’s about to happen. A girl relaxing is like a boy playing video games. Think about that ok?

5. Don’t look on with impatience when we are getting ready. We will get ready in our own time. Yelling at us to move faster IS NOT going to help this situation. Our mothers always taught us to look presentable and look our best. It’s not our fault that we want to look better than every other girl at the event. Pushing us to move faster only activates Hulk rage. It’s ugly when that happens. I can only pray that you know what you are doing when you face Hulk rage mode.


This in no way applies to ALL women. I just gave a very general and widely broad view on it. I take this from my own personal experience.

Hope you enjoyed this post.



Why I Became Vegetarian…

In November last year I decided to become vegetarian. Why would I do this, you ask?

Well to give you a little bit of background, I have a Chinese and Malay heritage. My mother is Muslim and I am a Catholic. But that can’t be true you say! Oh but it is! My dad won that battle of the religions.

I grew up not being able to eat Pork in the house for obvious reasons. And, if you don’t know Chinese people they love their Pork. We spend copious amounts of time at Dim Sum (or Yum Cha as some people prefer to call it) and this means gorging on Pork. If it wasn’t so sweet tasting I don’t think I would have gorged on it as much as I did. The meat is so succulent and my grandma used to feed us Sweet Pork when ever we went back to Singapore to visit.

Now, when I was growing up my mum didn’t really let us have pets. I didn’t feel any connection to animals until I grew up and got my first cat. Now I have 5 cats and 1 dog. They are the cutest little things and before you say it – no I don’t eat cats because that would be so stereotypical of me!

Come meet my family:

We have princess chopper – who is a male cat but acts like a princess


And sable the snob


Then we have Picasso – the only cat that loves me


And Saffy the biatch


Miu miu – my boyfriends cat – the most fun loving


And my big old gal Misty – I got her from a shelter because she was abandoned


And a kangaroo (because all Australians have one in their back yard right?)


I don’t watch much television, but when I do I seem to always be bombarded with documentaries and news stories about the mistreatment of animals. I see chickens cooped up in cages forced to live in their own shit and pee and see random Asians playing around and making fun of cows before they are to be slaughtered. When I see videos of this it makes me sad because if I was bred for food, I would think the giants or aliens would have enough decency to treat me with a little respect before I came to my untimely end. Even though when I grow old I will probably live day to day in my own pee and poo, forced to wear adult diapers, I would still not want to be crammed into cages with another 50 humans. So why should an animal be treated that way?

Also, we have no idea really what is in our meat and the thought of a baby animal in my food makes me cringe. I wouldn’t eat my baby cat or dog so why would I eat a baby lamb or baby pig? This is what makes my heart melt:




You probably look at a pig and think hmmm yummy bacon or what an ugly looking thing but all I see is cuteness. Because I am on a life’s beauty path, I have stopped eating meat altogether and enjoying what mother nature has to offer me without harming the animals. She won’t be out to get me now!

Not the teacup pig! You can’t say no to a teacup pig! How I Met Your Mother much?

So in short, it means going to Dim Sum will be way harder for me now. I have not been since I became vegetarian and my challenge will be tomorrow when I have to go for a family occasion. Challenge accepted!